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  • CGG Services (UK) Limited
    Llandudno, United Kingdom
    First established in 1961 as Robertson Research, today, CGG Services (UK) Limited’s Geology team enjoys a reputation as a world renowned and leading upstream oil and gas consultancy. Acquired by CGG in 2013, the company has a staff of over 120 geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers, economists and GIS specialists. CGG’s Geology team is active in all processes relating to the search for, and exploitation of, hydrocarbons, including data acquisition, processing, interpretation and integration, whether working with governments, operators and partner companies, or producing non-exclusive studies and products. Our technical specialists have worked with clients in virtually all international provinces, at every scale, ranging from global, through regional, basin, play fairway, prospect and field, to single well studies, including the use of all data types from satellite data, seismic data, well data, samples and all aspects in between.
  • Millennia SC Ltd
    Aylesbury, United Kingdom
    Millennia SC Ltd. is a geoscience consultancy company based in the UK, providing high quality multidisciplinary stratigraphic interpretation services to the global energy, mineral exploration and development industry worldwide. We offer a broad range of geological services through our in-house staff and a range of expert consultants. All our personnel have a wealth of experience of generating and integrating stratigraphic data with client teams, in-house, at client offices and at wellsite. Primary services offered are; biostratigraphy (micro and macro palaeontology), wellsite biostratigraphy, geological fieldwork, data review, data management and specialist technical support in house to clients.
  • LLC
    Garland, United States of America
  • Chronosurveys Lda
    Almada, Portugal
  • Datum Stratigraphic Associates Ltd
    Manchester, United Kingdom
  • Ellington & Associates
    Houston, United States of America
  • GSS (Geoscience) Ltd
    Oldmeldrum, United Kingdom
  • MGPalaeo
    Malaga, Australia
  • Network Stratigraphic Consulting Ltd
    Potters Bar, United Kingdom
  • Petrostrat
    Conway, United Kingdom
  • Riley Geoscience Ltd
    Lichfield, United Kingdom
  • StrataData Ltd
    Ottershaw, United Kingdom
  • Stratasolve Ltd
    Warrington, United Kingdom

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